Humble Hill Farm

Your Homestead Away From Home, In The Finger Lakes of New York

Bed & Pizza

Bed & Pizza

Our Wood-Fired Cob Pizza Oven is a Big Hit with our B&B Guests

Imagine yourself getting away for some much needed time in the country.

Fresh air, sounds of nature, peace and quiet surround you.

A clean spacious Lodge awaits your arrival.

It’s big enough for you and 7 of your friends and family to join you. 

Or the perfect spot to get away as a party of 2.

The Bed and Pizza at Humble Hill Farm is a place where doers, makers, creatives, educators, innovators and adventurers and their loved ones can get away in the Finger Lakes.

 We built an outdoor, wood-fired, cob pizza oven so that our guest would be able to take in the beauty of the land while trying their hand at cooking up everyone’s favorite meal.

There’s picnic table with a marble slab next to the oven for shaping your pies, staging your ingredients and dining.

We’ll have the wood chopped and ready for you. If you’ve never worked with a wood fired oven before we’ll even heat it up to give you a nice bed of coals to get started with.

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Making Pizza

How the Pizza Thing Works

We start the fire in the oven, provide the freshly made dough, and tend the fire to keep the oven to temp while cooking.

You and your group try your hand at making mouth watering wood fired pizza.

We'll be on site to help make the first couple with you if you need a hand.

You'll be creating your pizzas with the dough we provide + the toppings you bring.

Before you head out to the farm shop for your favorite sauces, cheese, topping's to easily make every one's favorite flavors. 

We recommend shopping before you get out to Spencer for the best selection. The local grocery store can be helpful in a pinch, but it's a far cry from a natural foods marketplace.

Wegmans is the best local grocery store.

I've never made pizza outside, can we do this?


The cob pizza oven is nestled behind the Lodge at Humble Hill Farm. Which puts it in close enough proximity to the inside kitchen so as not be a hassle and far enough to feel like you're truly dining al fresco.

Making pizza in the farm is a unique and memorable experience!

The setting

You'll be creating your pies a top a marble slab on a locally made picnic table.

The roof that protects the oven is supported by locally harvested locus posts, built with lumber from a local sawmill and created with the help of local carpenter who brilliantly put together the simple design.

The process 

The wood that cooks your pizzas is harvested from our land, hauled out in small amounts to minimize impact to the forest, cut and finally hand split in small logs perfect for the cob oven.

Whew! And that's just the beginning...

The daily process begins about 4 hours before your first pizza hits the hot fire bricks which line the floor of the oven. 

Your dough is made with honey from the farm's bee's, pure well water, active yeast, sea salt and locally grown flour which was produced about 20 miles from here.

We start the fire for the pizza event about an hour and half before the time you plan to gather your crew to make the dinner.

The logs are placed near the front of the oven, assembled in a small grid for a top down fire. Once things are going the burning mass is carefully pushed back into the fire to insure the that the main cooking surface of the fire bricks is evenly at temp.

I'll be your on site host for the majority of the pizza event.
We find this helps prevent damages to the oven which can run between $435-$1,200  and everyone rests easier.

Buy local food

You can purchase some of your toppings and ingredients for side dishes directly from our farm, click here for a peak at what's available this week.