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Hands on Fun!

Wood-fired Earthen Pizza Oven Weekend Workshop

Join Matteo and Peaches, hosts of DIY Network’s “Mudmen” for this exciting oven building workshop in beautiful upstate New York at Humble Hill Farm.  

During this workshop we will build a Wood-fired Earthen Bread and Pizza Oven from start to finish.

Together we will create a hearth space that will exemplify the simplicity and accessibility of building with Earth.

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During this workshop students will:

  • Gain the confidence to build a Wood-fired Earthen Oven in their own backyard or community.
  • Learn how to identify and harvest the right materials.
  • See how to mix them properly.
  • Understand how to use them in different parts of the construction process.
  • Learn some of the basic natural building techniques used for building complete natural homes.


This workshop is very hands-on; expect to get your hands in the mud, and work with these materials for most of each day.


In this workshop Matteo will also discuss the pros and cons of a variety of alternative building strategies, including:

  • Cob building
  • Adobe
  • Earth bags
  • Strawbale
  • Rammed earth
  • Earthships


In the workshop we will cover the basics of alternatives to conventional building practices, including:

  • Foundation work
  • Stem-wall choices
  • Wall fill materials
  • Insulation considerations
  • Thermal mass
  • Roofing and other natural options for finishing and upgrading existing spaces.


All while exploring how to apply “cradle to cradle” design strategies in the building world.


Cob Therapy aims to reassess our relationship with the living spaces we occupy. “Just as we have learned how important a healthy diet is to our well being, it may be more important to live in homes and prepare food in spaces that nurture our biology on the same level.”


May 14 & 15  9am to 5pm work day.  A hearty locally grown lunch will be served from 12 to 1pm.

cob building


 $185 per person includes a 2 day hands on workshop & delicious, farm fresh lunches included. 

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Weekend at the farm workshop + lodging  

2 nights at the Lodge, breakfast and workshop pricing below.

Master suite with private bath (double occupancy + 1 child)

$465 Lodging + one workshop participant.

$650 Lodging + two workshop participants 

Rooms with shared bath

$425 Lodging + one workshop participant

$585 Lodging + two workshop participants


On Site Camping

$25 a night (4 sites available)

Camping + breakfast in the Lodge= $25 for the camping and  $15 per person for breakfast.


Ready to get you hands dirty and build a pizza oven?

Call 607-738-6626 to book your spot today!

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