Humble Hill Farm

Your Homestead Away From Home, In The Finger Lakes of New York

Humble Hill Farm

Your Homestead Away From Home, In The Finger Lakes of New York

Humble Hill Farm

Your Homestead Away From Home, In The Finger Lakes of New York

Welcome to Your Winter Farm Getaway in NY's Finger Lakes Region

Imagine getting away from it all…except cell service and WiFi, of course we’ve got that.

We invite you to enjoy a peaceful wood fired pizza getaway on a small farm that sells weekly at the world famous Ithaca Farmer's Market Farm.

There are no other houses within sight of the Lodge, this is you private country getaway.  The house sleeps 8 adults, has a full kitchen, and 2 baths.

The fridge and pantry are minimally stocked with basic provisions from local producers & real food companies to help you create your own delicious breakfast. The kitchen is equipped with a Vita-mix blender, cast iron pans, air popper popcorn machine, and all the other tools you'll need to make a remarkably flavorful and memorable meals.

Fair trade coffee & tea provided.

Taste the Finger Lakes, harvest and eat local food as fresh as it gets.

During your stay in our quiet rural neighborhood you'll fall asleep to the symphony of pond life and rise to the serenade of diversified woodland birds.

The sights of the gardens and  surrounding woodlands will greet you when you rise from your bed each morning.

We welcome creatives, makers, innovators,and adventurers and their loved ones to get away on the farm.

The cell reception at the Lodge is excellent and of course we have wi-fi. The connection is the highest speed available in our area, but if you’re planning on video conferencing during your stay, it’s not a great fit.

There’s no cable, but the Lodge has a large flat screen tv with a DVD player.

Feel free to get in touch with any questions you may have. We look forward to helping you make your winter getaway a reality.

Pizza oven notes: You'll need our assistance using the pizza oven. We are happy to fire it up for you before you plan on cooking. It needs to warm for at least an hour or more before you can bake pizza. That gives you time to get your toppings ready and plan for your meal.

Unlike a campfire, there is a specific way to build a pizza oven fire on top of the fire bricks where your pizzas will be cooking.

Too big of a fire could in turn ruin the oven. We help guests get started using the oven and need to be part of the firing process.

Other than that our interaction with our guests is minimal to moderate depending on their interest level in what we're doing here on the farm.

Guests are welcome to accompany us into the fields of sustainable agriculture and see what it takes to grow food.

We cannot always guarantee that the field work is appropriate for children or that you'll get hands on experience on the farm.

Please reach out and let us know the type of experience you're expecting ahead of time (as we have a busy market schedule and family life), and we will make a plan.



Beautiful scenery Paddleboarding on high mountain lakes Heavenly beds Breathtaking colors
Stunning sunsets Mountain flowers Relax and recharge

Stay With Us

The gorgeous scenery and an amazing local food scene makes the Finger Lakes area a total destination.

The unique micro climate of this area lends itself to growing a remarkable diversity of pure foods, wines and hard ciders. We can help you get a taste of all this deliciousness during your stay. Just ask, we’ll hook you up.

The Farmstay was designed and created to be your home away from home in the Finger Lakes. We invite you to get away and take a peek behind the Farmer’s Market stall. No doubt you’ve been to a Green Market or Farmer’s Market. Have you ever wonder what it takes to produce those breathtaking displays?

The Farmstay at Humble Hill allows you to take a peek behind the market stall. You can even take part in farm work, get your hands dirty and experience local food production in action, if you’d enjoy that.

During your stay feel free to use the fully equipped kitchen to prepare delicious gourmet meals. The pantry and fridge are stocked with basic provisions to help you prepare a satisfying breakfast with foods from the Finger Lakes.

You’re welcome to have a pizza party around the outdoor wood fired cob oven while you make yourself at home on the farm.

We often have availability that’s not reflected on 3rd party sites.

Contact us directly at or call us at 607-738-6626 with any questions about planning your Finger Lakes getaway.

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